Los Speaking tips y Writting Tips incluyen consejos y práctica extra para realizar con más seguridad el examen de estos módulos.

Con los Practice Tests te familiarizaras con el tipo de preguntas y el formato del Oxford Test of English.
Para cada una de las destrezas dispones de ejercicios tipo, respuestas explicativas y respuestas modelo para los módulos de Speaking y Writing. Los audios y su transcripción completan la práctica de Speaking y Listening.
Están divididos por niveles, para la preparación del nivel B1 y B2, respectivamente.

Preparing for the test

  •  Students prepare by studying English at the richt level. OUP coursebooks can be used as part of their preparation.


  • Students should also familiarize themselves with the test, by trying the demo or a downloaded sample test (PDF, 1 MB).



Experience the Oxford Test of English with the online demo.

· By accessing the demo you are not registering for the test
· You will not get results or a certificate.
· The demo is free to use as many times as you want
· The appearance of the real test may be different from the demo.
· You can close the demo at any point. You do not hae to answer all of the questions.

Do you have any special requirements? You can view options here

For the best experience, use the demo in a desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).

Download the sample test

You can also download the sample test with answer key, audioscripts (PDF, 1 MB) and audio files (ZIP, 40 MB)